Iron House


An all-out assault on the “old you.”

It is a place that promotes hard work, dedication to the process and surrounding yourself with quality people driven by the same passion. To get better.



Our facility is possibly a bit different than what you are used to, and we like that. It’s hot, it gets loud, the weights are metal and the gravity is turned all the way up. There are no “maybe’s” here. Every session is an all-out assault on the “old you.” We are always looking for new ways to challenge each other and push past what we think we are capable of. We don’t set limits, we find them and bulldoze them.

Jeremy Thibodeaux

Jeremy is the head coach of Iron House. He is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that reaches in and pulls out the best qualities athletes.


Individual Memberships
Amis Memberss: $30/Month
Non-Members: $40/Month

Iron House
Iron House

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